Monday, April 22, 2013

One half of a year

People always say how fast they grow. 
This is an absolute.

My little guy is 6 months old.

He is in the 30th percentile for height.
The 1st for weight.

 Our skinny hobbit.

Life with a baby is an ever evolving process. Just when I get used to the way things are he goes and changes it up on me.

He is by far my greatest adventure.

I love him.

He is an independent soul. Insists on putting his binky in his mouth himself.
Sometimes it is upside down. He is still proud of his work.

 He is mobile.
The army crawling has begun. 
(He started on the yellow quilt in the background.)

We have officially started solid foods.
He loves them.
All of them.


Getting much better at sitting up.


He loves books and being read to.


One of my favorite things is watching him figure new things out.

 His favorite thing is bath time.


And his little girlfriend Nova. :)