Saturday, May 12, 2012

Family member visit #3

I have been absolutely spoiled the past few months with family visits.  

February = Aunt Paula
March = Kalie
April = Lacey

One family member (or friend) a month is a good program. Who wants to come in May?

The day after we got back from Europe, Miss Lacey flew into town for a "work conference". The conference was a real thing, but she flew in a few days early to sleep on our comfy couch (our second bedroom is currently a disaster) and spend some quality time with us.

We went shopping. Ate delicious food. Took naps. "Vacation" was still going on. 

What a blessing families are.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Germany + Amsterdam = Fun.

Thanks to my abnormal job (cough... the benefits) and John's real job (the money maker), we were able to hop over to Germany for a week,  spend some time with my German family, and play for a day in Amsterdam. It was a marvelous and much needed vacation for us. It was also so much fun for me to show him a place that is so dear to my heart.
All 10 of our pictures from the trip... :)

My very favorite walk in Kaiserswerth.
We spent the majority of our time over there walking around showing John all of my favorite things and eating my favorite foods. I loved every minute of it.

We took a minute to enjoy the rare bit of sunshine by the river.


Absolutely amazing street food that I have missed so much.
Vanilla Caramel Brownie Ice Cream, again the Döner, Crepe with Nutella, and Vapiano's margarita pizza.


I love that John got to witness this moment. Dogs (or any animal for that matter) are not really prohibited from entering eating establishments. Makes me laugh every time.

We spent lots of time with the family. 
John bonding with the godson. :)

We drove up to Amsterdam for our last day and this lovely swan and her garbage nest greeted us when we got out of the car.

Our bikes.
We rented them and rode all around. It is the very best way to see the city.

One of the many canals (but mostly our heads).

We rode down to a rather large park and found a coffee shop, when what we were hoping for was a legitimate lunch. When we realized that they served actual food I almost cried. When the man brought me my cheese pancake I actually did. 
It. Was. So. Good.
Better than I remembered.

Last time I was in Amsterdam we rode/drove all around trying to find the "I AMsterdam" sign to no avail. This time we stumbled upon it because I smelled waffles and made us stop. 
I love this picture.

My husband remembered his rain jacket, but did not remember his actual jacket for warmth. It was windy, cold, and rainy, so we ducked into the Heineken Brewery and found this lovely green robe for him to wear around the place until he was warm again and we were off. No purchase was made.

My wonderfully cheesy bf picked this dandelion for me so I strapped it to my bike to keep it safe.

Stopped in a pipe shop to find nice gift for his brother.
It was something of an "education" for me.

The most delicious street waffle that ever existed, filled with sugar crystals, and topped with a generous dousing of confectioner's sugar.
Accompanied by a very Euro hot chocolate.

This is a prime example why so few pictures of John and I have ever been taken. Enjoy.

 Fantastic Italian at my favorite Vapiano.
Orangina. "Rocket salad". Tagliatelle. Parmesan. Pine nuts.


On the drive back to Düsseldorf there was the most vibrant "double rainbow all the way!". We could see them both from end to end. It was pretty magical. Sadly, this picture does not adequately capture it.

We played the airline standby game and won big time.

It was a crazy week that went by too fast, but isn't that how all the best vacations are?