Tuesday, March 13, 2012


FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out

I have always suffered from this "condition". This is nothing new. Over the years my FOMO has gone through different phases. A social phase. A rather long traveling phase, which transformed into a nomadic-lifestyle phase.

My current FOMO focuses primarily on the small things that I am missing out on by not living near my family and friends. Examples... party/wedding planning, Johnson Girls family time at the cabin, and Disney On Ice. This is definitely the most difficult FOMO I have had to deal with thus far and it is just the silly, simple, little things that are the hardest.

I love Texas. I love having this adventure of living in a new place, but it is hard to be an island with no family near by. So I have come the the conclusion that everyone should just move to Texas. It is going to be great!