Friday, February 3, 2012

Power of the P!

I have been sick this week. I am talking miserable-can't-sleep-can't-move-want-to-die kind of sick. AND IT WAS JUST A COLD!! The meanest, nastiest cold ever. I blame the passengers of United Airlines for it. No thank you.

After living in agony for a few days (minus the one hour where I had to teach my class... the big man clearly has his motives...) I finally conceded to having the Home Teachers come over and help give me a blessing. Growing up I always thought that blessings were reserved for very special occasions or if you were literally on your death bed. John assured me that was not the case, and proceeded to give me a very simple, yet straightforward blessing. He put great emphasis on how the blessing was entirely contingent upon my faith.

Not to boast here, people, but I am in a pretty good place spiritually these days. I cannot speak enough about the truth in surrounding yourself with good and wholesome things. I am working hard to be where I am and it is worth it and I am loving it.

That night I slept for a solid 6 hours without a single cough. First time the entire week. That made all the difference in the world and I am almost back to normal. The Priesthood is such a neat gift.

Now we just need the Home Teachers to come back to give John a blessing... The downside to being married and sharing a bed.